Tuesday, 20 August 2013

What I take away from all of this

Remember warm weather and that particularly long road trip to Jennie’s beach house? We were all cooped up in the back of my Chrysler watching Silence of the Lambs, making jokes to take away from the seriousness and suspense of the film. It was bright that day, sun beams flickering through the window and sunshine spilt out all around us. We were all smiles and laughs and "oh don't go down in that basement alone you stupid bitch!" and I'd hate to remember it any other way.

Or perhaps you might remember going to Rockwell’s cinema together every Friday back in year 9. I think we called it our “Friday Night Tradition” or something. 
I’ve always liked the idea behind Cinemas. A group of people sitting in a room, laughing and crying at a movie together. 
The comfort of strangers. 
And to this day, the smell of freshly buttered popcorn and overpriced coke is still my favourite. Because it reminds me of the time we had to lie about my age so that I could be allowed in to watch American Virgin, and that time Helena had to buy new shorts because she saw someone from our school (I still don’t get it). And let’s not forget that time we watched the Last Exorcism only to realise what a horrible mistake we’ve made 4 minutes into the movie.

But really, because it reminds me of all of us, together, and how we just started out as a bunch of strangers.

Thanks for giving me so much to remember. 


  1. It is nice to reminisce! Also I am adoring the name of your blog!


  2. such a cute post <3 love the picture and song too x


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